Our Forestry Process


Timber Appraisal and Harvesting Process

Contact Us to have a forester come out and look at your property. You can give us a tour around and share the vision that you have for your property. We will use our experience and education to work with you, and accomplish your forestry goals.


Woodland Management



Our Foresters will work with you to develop a forest management plan that accomplishes your long or short term goals for the property. 








Areas of sentimental value or wildlife sanctuaries are

taken into consideration prior to harvest. 









The trees that will be harvested are marked by our forester with paint on both sides of the tree and on the stump.

The stump marking ensures that only the trees marked for harvest are actually cut.

The tree is added to a tally of all trees marked, the number of trees marked is given to you in an itemized list so that you can see exactly what species of trees, and how many of that species are being removed.







Proper timber harvesting permits are acquired by us, and kept on site during the harvest.

You are not responsible for preparing or paying for any permits.

A harvest date is scheduled and you are notified before any timber harvesting activities begin.







The trees will be directional “felled” or cut one foot or less from the ground. The tree tops are cut so they lay close to the ground, and they are left in the woods after the harvest.

This practice helps prevent soil erosion and aids in wildlife habitat, and timber regeneration. The trees are skidded to a loading area and then hauled to Kings Sawmill. After timber harvesting is complete, skid trails and landing sites are graded and seeded with a custom mix of grass seed. This benefits wildlife as a food source, prevents soil erosion and also creates access for you to enjoy your forestland.

Best Management Practices (BMPS) such as water bars to slow sheet erosion are installed and the site is stabilized to county conservation district standards. 


King's Sawmill